Fabric Haul #1

Settle in folks, this is a long, picture heavy post!

I already have a fair old fabric stash, built up over the years with a vague plan to turn it onto something wearable. So when I decided to give the sewing a proper go, what did I do? I went shopping, didn’t I? Oopsie. In my defence, the fabrics I already had don’t really suit my style any more so it’s unlikely that I’ll wear any garments made from them m’lud.

I took to the internet to find the best places to go fabric shopping in my area and found Fabworks Mill Shop. I can’t believe I’d never heard about them before! It was well worth an hour on a train at the mercy of Northern Rail to get there. It’s amazing! They have a great website, but there is much, much more in the shop. The next time I pay them a visit I’ll take my camera and give you a proper snoop around. In the meantime, here’s what I bought:

grey mini houndstoothgrey mini houndstooth2

The first is this lightweight grey loveliness. I think it’s a cotton mix and its super smooth to touch. From afar it looks like a grey with a teeny white polka dot, but when you get up close its actually a tiny houndstooth with a little white cross through it. Tres unusual, non? I bought 2.5m, and I’m not sure what to make with it yet. It may become a pinafore dress to wear layered over long sleeves in Autumn. It was £5 per metre. I can’t find this one on the website- sorry!

navy cotton voilepa020018

Next up is this beautiful navy cotton voile. It’s super lightweight and floaty. It has tiny sheer squares all over so it’ll need to be lined or worn over something. It’ll make a really pretty dress that could be layered up for the colder months. I took 2.5m of this too at £6 a metre. No sign of this one on the website either.

grey slub jersey

My next find is this pale grey jersey for £3 a metre. Grey is my favourite colour for clothing. Does that make me boring? I bought 2.5m of this with a vague plan to make a wrap dress with it. It has a black slub through it and I think it’ll make a lovely soft causal garment for chilly days.


I also bought 2m of this lovely stuff. It’s 100% cotton with little arrows all over. What I love about this is that the arrows aren’t printed, they’re embroidered which make the whole thing feel very luxe. It was £5 a metre and I’ve already got a plan in mind for it.


I saved the best until last! Here’s my delicious silk and wool mix coat fabric. Its described on the Fabworks site as monochrome, and it is mostly black and white, but it has small yellow, blue, lilac, mint and orange threads woven in that make it a bit more exciting. Perfect for someone who, like me, loves bright colour but tends to lean towards neutral tones for my wardrobe.

If you watched this year’s Sewing Bee you may recognise it as the fabric that Jade used for her 60s jacket. I loved it on the show and was totally gobsmacked to see the very same stuff at Fabworks. It was £10 per metre, which is the most I’ve spent on a fabric so far, but almost laughably cheap for the quality. I bought 3.5m so it was a bit of an extravagance, considering that I’d just gone for a browse!

I often find wool to be a bit scratchy and sometimes avoid it in ready to wear clothes but this is so soft that you could use it for an unlined jacket. I think it’d make nice soft furnishings too. I’m trying hard to resist the temptation to use it as a blanket until it becomes a coat, which could be a while! As I’m still a beginner, I want to have more fitting experience before I cut into it, and I want to wait for the perfect pattern too. I’ve fallen hard for this fabric and I want to love the coat I make with it.

I hope you enjoyed my first fabric haul. I’m sure it’ll be one of many! I’ll report back when I’ve turned this pile of fabrics into a rail of clothes- I hope!

Have you bought any fabric lately? Send us a link in the comments so we can all have a virtual snoop through each other’s stashes!


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