Fabric Haul #2

I did it again. This time I paid a visit to The Shuttle in Shipley. They don’t sell online which is a shame but I gather they go to lots of shows so you may catch them at one near you.

Despite the torrential downpour going on outside, I bought myself a couple of summery fabrics that I’ll be stashing away for next year. I scored all of these on the sale rack for £2 a metre!

floral stretch cottons

First up are these two stretch cottons. Same fabric different prints. The navy one is set to become something for my Autumn/Winter wardrobe, but the bright pink of the flowers on the black one screams Summer trousers to me. I’m thinking it’ll one day become a pair of Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers. I bought their Ultimate Guide to Sewing and Fitting Trousers E-course when it was 20% off so I have the pattern in my stash ready to go.

coral textured fabric

I also bought this little number. It’s coming up very red/orange in the photo but it’s actually a pink/coral colour. I have no idea what it’s made of and it’s a bit a departure from my usual black and grey wardrobe but I saw it and immediately saw it as a short, collarless, Chanel style jacket. It’s already on my Spring to-sew list. Ooh and wont it look lovely with the black and pink floral?

The fabric buying Gods were smiling down on me when I stepped through the doors of The Shuttle. In the back of the shop was a pile of fabrics, wrapped around bits of cardboard. I picked one up that had 19 metres of fabric wrapped around it for £5.70. Fabric for 30p a metre people! Yes, really! If you live within reasonable travelling distance of this place, drop whatever you are doing and go right now! It is FULL of bargains.

I couldn’t actually see all of the fabrics in my bundle but there were a few things peeping out that I liked the look of so I took a punt on it and I couldn’t be happier. There were a couple of duds that’ll end up being used for toiles, but here are the ones that I love.


So, from left to right:

There’s just a metre of this leopard print cotton. I think I’ll one day become a lining.

A metre of this grey jersey too. It’ll probably become a short sleeved tee, or be used for colour blocking.

The navy jersey is a bit synthetic feeling, but still nice. It has a self-stripe and there’s at least 2 metres of it so lots of scope.

There’s about 5 metres of this black stretch net. At first I had no idea whether to keep this or chuck it straight in the charity bag, but it’s actually quite soft to touch and drapes nicely. I’m thinking if I gather it a lot, and maybe line it, it could become a Christmassy party skirt.

The green fabric on the end is almost certainly polyester. It doesn’t feel all that nice but the colour is beautiful. The camera really doesn’t do the deep bottle green justice. I have no idea what to do with this one. Maybe trousers?

There’s more…


There’s almost 3 metres of the red jersey. It has a self-stripe and feels super soft. I’m really chuffed about this one. There’s enough to make a long sleeved dress for winter. I do love to wear a bit of red, especially around Christmas.

I have about 1.5 metres of this pink georgette. Baby pink isn’t really my colour, but I have a cunning plan up my sleeve to get some use out of this.

There is yards and yards of this off-white soft cotton jersey. I absolutely love it! It’s quite sheer in places but has a slub running through it. It looks like cloud! I’m saving this to make a Summer maxi dress.

Last but not least is the pinstripe fabric. I have about 3 metres. It looks quite grey from afar, but when you get up close its actually fine white and olive green stripes. I think this one may become a dress next Summer.

This whole haul cost £17.70. Run, do not walk, to The Shuttle!


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