Fabric Haul #3

A couple of weeks ago I took another trip out to The Shuttle (still no website- boo!). I wasn’t really looking for anything but my mum was taking my cousin and I tagged along. 

I found myself back in the sale section and couldn’t resist picking up more of the floral stretch cotton. This stuff is still £2 a metre. Score! The beige one will go in the stash for spring, but the black, with it’s burgundy and purple flowers, is ideal for autumn and I’m hoping to sew something up with it soon.

floral stretch cotton

I also picked up a couple of remnants. First is this pretty wool mix. It has grey, white, teal, and pale green and it’s so, so soft! There was just less than a metre left so I almost left it behind- there’s not much you can do with 90cm but I couldn’t resist the texture! I think the only thing I can do with it is to turn it into a cosy cushion cover. 

wool mix green and teal fabric

Lastly, I picked up this wool mix camel coating. There was 1.9m left and I bought it hoping there’ll be enough to make a winter coat. It was £15 for the piece and, again, it was the texture that tempted me. I mentioned in this haul that I tend to avoid wool in ready to wear clothes because I often find it itchy and irritating. This blend, though, feels lovely and soft. No scratchiness at all!

camel wool mix coat fabric

So, I didn’t go too crazy, but still bought more than I intended. Have you ever been into a fabric shop and not bought anything? How do you resist temptation?!


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