Fabric Haul #4

I’ve broken my own rules and ordered fabric online. If you’ve read this post you’ll know that I usually avoid online fabric shopping like the plague but the lovely Anna mentioned that the Textile Centre were having a sale. It’s all her fault.

black and white polka dot viscose javanasie fabric

First is this polka dot viscose javanaise. I’m showing my sewing noob status when I say that I’ve never heard of javanaise so I wasn’t exactly sure what was going to arrive. It was explained on the site as a “silky feel lightweight viscose” and I’d agree with that, though it is a bit stiffer than I’d imagined. It was in the sale for £2.99/m from the Textile Centre and had an additional 10% off. It seems to be sold out on the website, but is still in their Ebay shop.

red crushed velvet fabric

On a recent trip to Bombay stores I chose this red crushed velvet. I was a bit overwhelmed by all the options. I’ve never seen so much velvet! I agonised over which one to take home and ended up picking the cheaper one. It was only £2.99/m so the quality isn’t fantastic, but it was the exact shade I was looking for. There were some other, more expensive velvets that were a much nicer texture, but the colour was too bright. I find velvet can look a bit gaudy if you’re not careful! It’ll be the first time since school that I’ve worked with velvet, so testing the waters with an inexpensive fabric is probably wise.

black cream and gold jacquard art deco tribal fabric

Look at this jacquard! Look at it! It may be the best fabric I’ve ever seen/bought/imagined! I had worried that it’d be scratchy because of the gold lurex thread in it but it’s very smooth and could be made up without a lining. I really love the art-deco-meets-tribal print. As Christmas is approaching, I’m imaging this as a party dress. I think this fabric is completely swoonworthy and an absolute steal at £4.49/m.

bird print viscose voile fabric

This bird print viscose voile was a bit of a gamble. I think I like the print, but I’m not sure that I’ll actually wear it. I had a pale turquoise tea dress with birds on it years ago. I loved that dress and I had it in mind when I added this to my order. The quality of the fabric is great. It’s very fine and lightweight, but not too sheer and beautifully drapey. Colour-wise its more suited to spring or summer so I’ll hold onto it until then before I decide whether to keep it or donate it. At the time of writing it’s still available in the sale from The Textile Centre for £2.49/m with a further 10% off with code “ttcentre10”. Why are you still reading this?! Go there now!



  1. 20 November , 2016 / 10:29 pm

    It’s funny you’re so adverse to buying fabric online when I online buy it online! I’ve only ever had a handful of problems where it’s not been what I expected and I’ve bought a lot

    • 29 December , 2016 / 1:58 pm

      The few times I’ve been stung have really put me off but I think I’m slowly getting over my fear. I’ve had a few successful online shopping “trips” recently so I feel like I’m on a winning streak! I put a Fabworks order in last night too. Got everything crossed that it all feels nice!

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