Fabric Haul #5 | My Picks For Spring

I haven’t posted a fabric haul in a while. This year I wanted to use up my stash so I’ve been actively avoiding shopping for fabric. I was doing really well until I learned about Regency Rags eBay shop. Their fabrics are super, super cheap. Ordinarily I’d be a bit sceptical about buying fabric online at such low prices, but I found out about them from Amy so felt reassured. If it’s good enough for a sewing magazine editor, it’s good enough for me!

There were lots of hits in my order and, if I’m honest, a couple of misses too. I guess that’s the risk you take when you order without actually seeing and feeling your fabrics first. I admit that my order was shamefully large and some of it has already been put away for next autumn and winter.

Here are my favourites for Spring. I plan to stitch up a storm with them in the next few weeks.

pale grey ponte di roma bright blue ponte di roma fabric

First up are these this lovely ponte romas for £1 a metre! I’m pleasantly surprised by the quality. It feels really soft and has a nice weight. Thick and sturdy without being too heavy or bulky. I’ve already pre-washed them and they came out really well. I’m confident that they aren’t going to bobble! They’ll be ideal for spring when we still have a few chilly days. I chose a pale grey and a bright blue to use in this season’s sewing plans and  I also picked some up in navy, burgundy and camel- at that price it was rude not to!

yellow and white stripe jersey fabric

Next is this yellow stripe jersey. I love stripes and yellow is my favourite colour so this was made for me! It was £1 a metre too. It’s pretty stable, so I’m hoping I can get away with using it for a ponte pattern- I’d love a yellow stripe Coco dress! If not, I think it’d look great as a long sleeve top under a denim pinafore, so another Molly top may be on the cards.

Black floral chiffon georgette fabric

Last but not least is this beautiful floral chiffon which was an absolute bargain. If you saw this Sew Over It vlog, you’ll recognise it as the fabric Lisa Comfort used for a pussy bow blouse/dress. Sew Over It are selling it at £13 per metre. I picked up the exact same stuff from Regency Rags for £1.69 a metre. Yep, really! It’s absolutely glorious! I love florals on a black background and was tempted by the fabric when I saw Lisa’s beautiful dress, but I resisted because I’ve never worked with chiffon before. I’m crap at fiddly, slippery things so it was just too much money to spend on something likely to end up in the rag bag. I was over the moon when I saw this for such a good price and it just proves that sometimes you get way more than what you pay for!

You may have noticed that most of these fabrics aren’t linked, and that’s because between them being delivered and me posting this, they’ve sold out (they do have ponte in red and lilac– though I haven’t seen these so can’t vouch for the quality). When I was choosing my fabric, some of thing things I was watching disappeared overnight. My advice is that if you see something in their shop that you like, just buy it! Now! At such low prices it isn’t surprising that things sell out so quickly. It’s possible that the eBay listings have just ended and I’m holding out hope that some of the ones I missed out on will be relisted soon.

My other tip is to check their shop before buying elsewhere if you have the time. As well as the Sew Over It bargain chiffon, I’ve also bought some viscose for £1.85 that was being sold at Fabrics Galore for £6. It pays to shop around! Regency Rags sell wholesale and job lots, and I have a sneaking suspicion that they may supply some of our favourite fancy fabric shops. Worth knowing.


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