Life, Lately | February 2017

As I write this, I’m sitting in a farmhouse in the Welsh countryside with uninterrupted views and nothing, other than the cow shed, for miles around. It’s so peaceful! I came here with my family to surprise my cousin, who’s at university in Aberystwyth, on her 21st birthday. I had trouble getting time off work and getting a cat sitter so I had to travel here, by train, a day after everyone else.


The journey was awful! It was worth it in the end but I was plagued with delays, cancellations and re-routes. Almost 6 hours and 4 trains later I made it to Aberystwyth, but I must admit that when my first connection was cancelled I nearly gave up and went to #sewdowndewsbury instead!

That was the one down side to this trip. It clashed with the meet up organised by Ali. She’s the one who told me about the Sew Up North meet up back in November and I really wanted to go to her event to catch up with the girls I met there. Maybe next time!

lunch and cocktails

As predicted, we seem to have surfaced from the January blues and I’ve been much busier with friends and family in February. As well as my Welsh adventure, I had a lovely girl’s day out for my friend’s birthday this month. We had a long lunch with lots of wine, treated ourselves to some Lush goodies, and spent all afternoon and evening having drinks at Angelica. We were very lucky to get a table on the outdoor terrace and it was a lovely mild, clear day. We drank lots of cocktails whilst the sun set over the city. If it wasn’t for the fact that we had our coats and hats on, it’d have felt like we were on holiday!

Because my weekends have been busier, my sewing productivity levels have dropped a bit since January. I’ve been trying lots of quick projects with jersey this month, including 2 dresses, 2 tops and lots of knickers! I broke my resolution and placed a huge fabric order from Regency Rags a couple of weeks ago. I’m really happy with what I bought though, and I’ll be showing you some of my favourites for spring in my next post.

Janome DKS100 sewing machine

Rather excitingly, I finally replaced my deceased sewing machine this month! My old machine broke down before Christmas and I’ve been using a borrowed one since then. It can now be returned to my mum (thanks Mum!) because I am the proud owner of a Janome DKS100! I specifically didn’t want the newer special edition version because the turquoise face of the original one was part of the appeal. I had a mini meltdown when the new mint green one turned up by mistake, but it was quickly resolved and I am completely in love with my new machine!

#2017SVE gift knitting project bags

I won’t harp on about this for too long because I’ve already gushed about it on Instagram endlessly, but I couldn’t do a February round up without mentioning my #2017SVE gifts from Tammy. She made me two knitting project bags and I love them. A big upgrade from the carrier bags my things have been unceremoniously shoved into in the past!

It’s time for me to pack my bags and head home. Fingers crossed that the journey home is better than the one here!


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