Life, Lately | October 2016

Hello! How’s your October been?

Mine was a bit of a mixed bag. Work has been full on in recent weeks and, although I haven’t succumbed to the flu that’s doing the rounds in my office, I have felt pretty run down and rotten for a while. I’ve spent much of my spare time under a blanket on the couch which, coupled with my need to bring work home, hasn’t left as much time for sewing as I’d like. I did finish my first jersey top and a (rubbish) skirt though.


I feel as though I hit a sewing milestone this month when I became the proud owner of an overlocker. It was very impulsive. I was visiting my Auntie and she happened to mention that Lidl were selling them. Within minutes she and I were driving around to all the Lidls we could think of. It was a wild Saturday night, I tell you. We didn’t have any luck, but on Sunday morning I went to the only Lidl we didn’t try and they had some! I confess that I haven’t used it very much yet and I’m sure there’ll be teething problems, but I’m so happy to have one! I plan to do a full review once I’ve given it a proper road test.

singer overlocker

In other sewing news, I got loads of new patterns this month and I only bought one of them. The rest were all free with magazines- there are so many I couldn’t fit them all in the photo! I wouldn’t necessarily have chosen these exact styles, but most of them I rather like. I’m hoping that, once I get more confident with adjustments and modifications, some of my least favourites will come in handy as a starting point for making something else.

sewing patterns

This month I went to the ballet. Cos I’m posh, innit? My friend and I saw Romeo and Juliet by the Northern Ballet at the Alhambra in Bradford and it was glorious. I’m amazed that I didn’t cry throughout. Spectacular though the ballet was, by far my favourite thing this month was the Forest of Light. It was an outdoor installation and it was really, really impressive. Even on a drizzly October evening, it was worth the trip. Totally breathtaking!

Forest of Light

I managed to get through the Whole 30 reasonably successfully. I only cocked up a couple of times. At one point, I poured half a bottle of red into a beef stew without thinking. I’m not one to waste wine, or stew for that matter, so I bent the rules and ate it. I’m still plugging away at the running, too.

So, Halloween. My plans for this evening include sitting in the dark, pretending not to be in when trick or treaters come knocking, eating my way through a giant bag of sweets that I panic-bought on the way home, saying something vague about them being “for the kids” to the checkout lady. I hope you have something nice planned for Halloween too!


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