Life, Lately | September 2016

autumn leafAutumn is upon us! It strode confidently onto centre stage today after an occasional shy cameo or two at the end of September. I, for one, am thrilled. Autumn, season of cosy knits, boots, berry lipstick, and chilly hands clutching hot mugs, is my favourite.

I love the rich, russet tones of crunchy leaves and like to mimic them in my wardrobe, alongside my uniform of black and grey! I’ll be keeping my peepers peeled for deep reds, yellows and oranges, as well as bottle green and rich burgundy when I browse for fabric in the coming months.

Autumnal threads

Speaking of my autumn wardrobe, I recently got mine out of its storage boxes. For about a year I’ve been working with a capsule wardrobe as prescribed by Unfancy. If you’re interested in using your wardrobe this way I’d recommend her site as a good place to learn a few self-imposed ground rules. If you need some aesthetically pleasing inspiration for a stylish but practical capsule, look no further than The Anna Edit. This girl gets it right!

Now that I’ve started sewing, the capsule concept will likely go out of the window a bit. If I’m stitching up new clothing every month I’ll quickly go over my garment quota. That said, the principle remains much the same. I’m buying far less from the high street and investing in pieces that I’ll treasure, only this way I’m investing my time, rather than my money. When I sew, and shop for fabric or patterns, I still remember the rules of my capsule. Will it go with things I already own? Can it transition between seasons? And, most crucially, will I actually wear it?

Source- Sew Over It

With this in mind, I was mighty excited for the release of Sew Over It’s new Ebook. I love the idea of a collection of patterns that work well together. Also, it’s £20. What a bargain! Molly, Alex and Erin are all in my sewing queue. Aren’t they beauties?

Like most of the women in my office, October marks the start of my pre Christmas slim down. Anyone else seem to be perpetually on a diet?! For the month of October I’m doing the Whole 30. At first it seems frighteningly restrictive, but I’ve done it a few times now and it’s not so bad. I actually enjoy the way the restrictions push me to think outside the box and be creative in the kitchen. I’ll report back next month and let you know how it went!

running shoes and app

We need to talk about running. As well as the Whole 30 detox malarkey (sorry, nutritional reset), my mum and I are having one last attempt at getting into running. If anyone has any beginner tips please raise your hand! We are shit at running! Our family, it seems, were not built to jog. I really want to love it. I want to be one of those people who pops out for a run to relieve stress and comes back ruddy of check and calm of mind. I really do. It’s just that my natural reaction to a stressful situation is to huddle on the couch with some carbs and watch Harry Potter. ‘Tis a problem, let me tell you.

So that’s my life, lately. I plan to write one of these posts every month or so to tell you what I’ve been up to and what I’ve got coming up. I hope you’ll enjoy these little peeps into my non-sewing life!


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