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Back in January I signed up to take party in the #monetaparty hosted by the lovely Elle, Rachel and Abigail. I’ve had my eye on the Moneta pattern for a while so this seemed like a good excuse to bump it to the top of my sewing queue.

grey jersey moneta dress

I chose some grey jersey from my stash and got to work cutting out but I had a lot less fabric than I thought! I couldn’t fit the pieces on and had to improvise. I didn’t cut the back skirt on the fold and instead put a seam up the back. If I were to make another Moneta I’d definitely do this again as it creates far less waste.

grey jersey moneta dress

It all went downhill after that! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I had lots of trouble with my dress. I accidentally stitched the skirt the wrong way so the pocket bags were on the outside. Facepalm. I was at least able to try it on at that point and it became clear that the shape looked awful on me!

grey jersey moneta dress

I asked Instagram if there was any point continuing with my Moneta and there were lots of helpful suggestions about pleating the skirt, along with the usual generous dollop of encouragement. I set about unpicking the gathered skirt and really struggled to cut through the stitches without accidentally picking up threads from the fabric. I was worried about laddering the jersey so started to carefully snip the elastic off instead.

I wasn’t careful enough. I snipped a hole in my front skirt!

The Sewists Of Instagram came to the rescue again and I repaired it as they suggested with a piece of interfacing behind the hole. I reattached my skirt, pleated instead of gathered, and tried it on again. I managed to hide the repair behind a pleat, which was great, but the dress still looked terrible on me. I unpicked and restitched the skirt further up the bodice as some people had said that it improved the look. That didn’t help either.

grey jersey moneta dress

A this point I decided not to invest much more time on a style that doesn’t suit me. I wanted to have a practise at a twin needle hem, but something definitely wasn’t right because the needles kept knocking the foot off the machine! I zigzagged the hems and called it done.

I should probably say that I can’t fault the pattern at all. The instructions are clear, it comes together really quickly and, apart from the fiddlyness of the gathered skirt, it’s pretty simple to sew too. The style just isn’t for me. It’s such a shame because I love the dress and I think it looks fab on other people. I also really liked the fabric, so I’m sad to see that wasted. I haven’t yet decided whether to wear my Moneta around the house, donate it, or try cutting the skirt off at hip length to see if it works as a kind of peplum top. Watch this space.

I would consider making another Moneta, possibly with a circle or half circle skirt to keep the fullness at the hem but with less volume at the waist. Before doing that I’d definitely look for something similar in the shops so I could check the style suits me first!

After such a disappointing start to my weekend of sewing, I ordered a conciliatory pizza. Consolation pizza is a thing, right?



  1. Lisa
    25 February , 2017 / 4:52 pm

    Ah that’s a shame about your moneta. Waiting with anticipation to see what becomes of the moneta 🙂. Definitely consolation pizza I’d accompany it with consolation wine too 😘. Xx

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