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A few years ago I bought a bedding set. A beautiful deep blue bedding set with a bold floral print in lilac, yellow, green and blue. I used the duvet cover once and the pillowcases never made it out of the packet.

Navy blue floral pyjamas

Fast forward to January 2017 and it has been reincarnated as my favourite pyjamas ever! For ages I’d been planning to make some PJs and almost bought some Christmassy fabric to make a festive set. Then my machine broke and all Christmas sewing plans went quickly by the wayside. I’ve had my eye on they Carolyn PJs, but I was strict about sticking to my new years resolutions and decided to use patterns that I already had.

For the bottoms I decided to use the pyjama pattern from Love At First Stitch. The Margot pattern is nice and simple, and would have been a really quick make if I hadn’t procrastinated so much! It took me over a week to finish them. I made a slight alteration to the pattern by cutting about 4 inches off the bottom of each leg and attaching a cuff. I wanted to add some piping around the ankles so I needed that extra seam. Apart from that I made them exactly as instructed and I’m pretty chuffed with the result.

Navy blue floral pyjamas

I had lots of duvet left to make a matching top. I really fancied trying the Wear Lemonade pyjama top (which is a free download, by the way), but the instructions are in French! Instead I made a slightly modified version of the Sew Over It Alex shirt from the City Break Ebook. I want to make an Alex for my summer wardrobe so I thought this would be a good opportunity to toile the pattern and check the fit.

Navy blue floral pyjamas

In order to pyjamify the Alex pattern I lengthened the sleeve, added a cuff as I did with the bottoms, and used piping in the seam. I piped the collar and put buttons almost all the way to the top of the shirt too. I also added a piped seam to the shirt pockets but no matter where I placed them they looked wrong! I rarely put anything in a breast pocket meaning they’d be neither decorative nor useful, so I missed them out. I had every intention of piping the back yoke seam but I completely forgot!

Navy blue floral pyjamas

I’m happy with my Alex as a pyjama top, but I’m really glad I had a practise run before making my “real” version. The duvet fabric has a fair bit of body so the shoulders feel quite square. My shoulders are already broad so that’s a no go for me! I’ll definitely choose a drapey fabric when I make it again. I’ll also be sure to pick something that doesn’t have an obvious right and wrong side. Because the soft collar folds back, the underside of the fabric is exposed around the neckline so something that looks the same on both sides is ideal for this shirt. I’ll need to make sure I use fabric with a bit of give to make it easier when easing the seams together too. The duvet was rather resistant and I ended up with a few little tucks here and there.

Navy blue floral pyjamas


I wasn’t the least bit careful with pattern matching for the top or the bottoms. I wasn’t sure how much usable fabric there’d be so I tried to squeeze the pieces into as little space as possible. Halfway through cutting out I realised that I’d really like some clothes made from this fabric so I was even more economical with my cutting!

I’ve got plenty left, so a gathered skirt with buttons is on the cards this summer…



  1. Lisa
    11 February , 2017 / 9:32 am

    They’re gorgeous Hayley 👍👍 very Ted Baker 😍 Xx

    • 11 February , 2017 / 12:52 pm

      Thanks Lisa! I’m really happy with how they turned out. I’d definitely consider buying duvets to use for dressmaking in future!

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