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GUYS! I KNITTED SOMETHING! They may be littered with mistakes but I am so happy with my first hat and scarf. I love knitwear. Like, a lot. This year I really want to try get through a full 12 months without buying any clothes. I decided to learn to knit or crochet so that by the time next winter rolls around I might be able to make my own jumper. In the post Christmas sales I found this kit for ten quid and my fate was sealed.

Stitch and Story Luca Pom Hat ans Snood

The Stitch and Story Luca Pom Hat Knitting Kit comes with yarn, bamboo needles, a guide to stitches and, of course, the knitting pattern. I’ll admit to being a little overwhelmed when I first glanced over the pattern but I needn’t have been. On closer inspection, the instructions were very clear and there are video tutorials on their website for extra help.

I’ll tell you what, knitting is hard.

Sewing, for the most part is pretty simple. More seasoned stitchers with complex projects under their belts may disagree but, in my experience so far, even complicated-seeming garments are not that perplexing. When you break it down into steps there’s not much more to it than sewing in straight lines, and around curves or corners. Patterns can be difficult for new sewists to decipher, but at least they’re written in proper words. Knitting patterns look like difficult equations. K2tog *p1 k2 rep from*. What?!

Stitch and Story Luca Pom Hat

It’s so easy to lose your way once you’ve got started too. I had to obsessively tally up how many stitches and rows I’d done. It was all in vain in the end because someone knocked at the door and by the time I’d sat back down I couldn’t remember where I was. After that, the nice swirl effect went out of the window and the top third of the hat is what I like to call “freestyle” knitting. It’s still very much  a wearable hat, though. It fits really well, which is a miracle because I have an enormous head. I LOVE the pom pom topper.

Stitch and Story Luca Pom Hat

I finished my hat in one afternoon and by the time it was done I was itching to try something else. In my stash I had a few balls of yarn very similar in style and colour to the pom pom so I made a matching scarf.

The first thing I noticed was the difference in the quality of the yarn. The S&S kit is usually £35 and I can absolutely see why. My scarf yarn is still a good quality wool mix and I remember spending quite a lot on it years ago when loosely spun, extra chunky wool was hard to come by. It’s nice but, by comparison the 100% merino yarn from my kit is made of dreams and unicorn breath. They’re both soft, but the S&S feels incredibly luxurious. I was very lucky indeed to have found it at such a bargain price.

Cream seed stitch snood

I did a bit of googling and decided that, of the simple stitch patterns, seed stitch was my favourite. It seemed easy enough to get right without endless counting and within a few days I’d finished my scarf. I had about enough yarn to make a short infinity scarf. I can wear it loose, or I can just about wrap it twice and wear it much closer to my neck, like a snug cowl.

I’ve really learned a lot with these simple projects and I’m going to have another go at the hat in the coming weeks to see if I can get it perfect. I’ve got a lot of practising to do before I can knit a jumper but I’ve already got my eye on Stitch and Story’s Hadley Sweater Kit


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