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Can I start by saying that I LOVE this pattern?

I’ve got serious heart eyes for any and all dungarees and pinafores, but most just don’t suit me. Because they tend to be skirts or trousers with a bib attached, they really draw attention to my waist, which is my worst feature, so I’d resigned myself to admiring them from afar. And then the Jennifer Lauren Ivy Pinafore pattern came into my life.

I knew that this would suit my figure much better because it comes right up at the back and under your arms, disguising your middle. I like both views but opted for the more streamlined version over the trapeze shape.

Ivy Pinafore in Green Corduroy

It’s a PDF pattern- my favourite kind! The download/print/stick process was a doddle as the pages are designed so you don’t have to trim any excess paper. It didn’t take much time or brain power to put it together.

I was a little bit nervous about making a lined dress, but there was no need to worry. The instructions are very clear and the illustrations are simple and helpful. The only thing I didn’t tackle was the flat felled seam. I wasn’t confident that I could get a neat finish and didn’t want to mess up a seam that’s front and centre. That’s a challenge for another day.

Ivy Pinafore in Green Corduroy

I used bottle green corduroy with navy and white stripes for the lining. An odd combination, I know. My original plan had been to use navy cord but I forgot to order new lining when I changed my mind about the colour! I actually quite like the way they look together.

Ivy Pinafore in Green Corduroy


Whilst I’m on the lining, I somehow managed to get a lovely x-shaped chevron effect going down the back seam. It wasn’t intentional but I really love it! It’s so satisfying when the insides of your garments look good, even if no one will see it. I also managed to match the stripes on the inside of my pockets. That bit was intentional and I’m thrilled that it turned out the way I imagined.

Ivy Pinafore in Green Corduroy

Onto the bits that didn’t go so well. I had a minor mishap with the iron and ended up with a black smudge of something (no idea what!) on the inside. I hope it’ll disappear after a couple of washes.

In my eagerness to get going, I overlooked the instruction about seam allowance size. I stitched up the whole thing using 1cm instead of 1.5cm! Damn! The straps have suffered most as a result of this, but the buttons help to distract from the error.


This was my first attempt at buttonholes and the Ivy was the perfect garment to practise on- you don’t actually need them to get the dress on and off. All things considered I think they went pretty well and it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it’d be.

Ivy Pinafore in Green Corduroy

Fit-wise, I’m pretty happy but I think I could probably go down a size. Or maybe it’d have been fine if I’d used the right seam allowance! It’s a wee bit gapey along the neckline at the front. I’m not hugely concerned as its always going to be worn over something so no chance of a boob flashing incident!

Ivy Pinafore in Green Corduroy

Despite it’s flaws, I love my new pinny! It’s definitely my favourite make so far. I think it’ll look good over shirts, round necks and polo necks so I’m sure I’ll get lots of wear out of it this season. I already have plans to make another one in light wash denim for summer. I’m tempted to make one in black velvet too!


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